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Get instant home value with, a full-service residential property report generator that provides property information and maximum property potential on selected markets, is providing clients with instant home value reports based on their highly innovative and expertly developed intuitive map-based search system.

Borne from a passion for providing transparency and insight in the often convoluted and confusing home listing and buying process, Underbuilt calculates and releases priceless information for homeowners, homebuyers, realtors, and construction site developers.

"Our mission is to offer immediate and accurate home value property potential data to professionals in the development, design, construction, and real estate industries," said Sean Peterson, Founder and Owner of Underbuilt. "By devising and selling individual customized reports, all parties involved in the buying or selling of real estate are brought up to speed with exactly what they can expect to get out of the current market. The oversight is absolutely priceless."

Underbuilt home value report sells to the public, licensing to affiliated businesses, and monthly membership options tailored to a company or members industry. The reports are then used by the participating parties to analyze and devise maximum potential selling and buying plans.

Underbuilt home value reports found success in their real estate report pursuit from the hours of frustration and lack of information surrounding the home pricing process. Currently, to find a max house size, hours of code research is done by visiting the city or county websites and combing through hundreds of pages in PDF format. Then, the individual needs to sit down and crank out their math skills through entire businesses days to go to planning departments in their given city. In certain cases, Architects and other professionals are required to function as consultants for ensuring the information is correct. The entire process is pricey, lengthy, and full of never-ending frustrations for individuals attempting to navigate it alone.

"Most people don't realize before they begin the max home size process how incredibly time consuming and complicated it can be," said Sean Peterson. "Our home value reports, through innovative technology, provide parties with instant results. It takes a multi-day process and turns it into a simple second. Both the time and financial savings are incomparable. Spread the word on the availability of our intuitive map-based search system for instant results today."

Underbuilt's home value platform features an easy-to-use interface where site visitors can enter an address or APN. They are then led to a map-based search system, which produces individual reports.

Underbuilt's home value calculation model, according to Los Angeles County, produces reports with 95% accuracy. Their reports are the first steps in understanding a property's potential and should not be considered the sole deciding factor in any financial situation.
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