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Garage door needs a look as it makes the prominent entrance of every home. Keeping garage door safety in mind, Mr. Ashraf Kamal, Owner of Garage Door Mart Inc has discussed the latest trend in the garage door for the year 2018. It's imperative to understand the newest garage door trends to embrace at every home.

2018 Top 5 Garage Door Trends

1. Color - Gone the days when garage door company do not advise to go for an exciting choice. Dull doors have become history, and bright and bold colors have become a trend. The garage door has caught the attention of every homeowner, and all prefer color in their lives, and so is their garage doors.

2. Wood is Back - Professional garage door company has stopped fixing fiberglass garage doors. People started looking for wood again. 2018 will have more demand for wooden garage doors for it's a nature's gift to humanity. They offer a homely and warm look. Also, Mr. Ashraf Kamal, Owner of Garage Door Mart Inc mentions that wood provides excellent energy efficiency.

3. Technology Fever - Yes, every part of the world has started running behind technology. Advancement in technology has offered great safety as mentioned by garage door experts. One can opt to control door using smartphones. It is now also possible to lock and open doors by using remote controls. This will let people leave home without the doubt of closing the garage doors.

4. Huge Windows - Beginning 2017 garage got a rise and is no longer a warehouse of any home. It needs not to be dark and threatening as shown in movies. It can look as good a drawing room and indeed everyone enters the house only through the garage. Hence the concept of bigger windows will continue to follow in 2018. Garage doors with big decorative window will not just look at the house but also let ventilation and air circulation making a disease-free life.

5. Weather-proof doors - As mentioned already garage can now become kids play area, workshop and not only a car storing space. Therefore, the trend of using the weatherproof luxury door helps it to keep the pest away. Also, the doors fixed can add a sound vibration to the entire home. Hence the latest trend of 2018 is to attach a versatile door to withstand heat, rain, and snow.

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