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Gar Francis Songbook Volume One by Various Artists

Album Presale: 3.9.18
Official Release Date: 3.16.18

Featuring the following Songs and Artists:
01. Baby Let's Go - Tom Vicario 2:42
02. Come On Come On - The Easy Outs 3:10
03. I Won't Cry Anymore - Genya Ravan 4:35
(Ten Wheel Drive)
04. Satisfied - Tyce Green 4:17
05. Born Dainty - Kelly Caruso 3:44
(American Idol)
06. Meet Me - Ricky Persaud Jr 4:12
07. Sweet Sunshine - The Satisfactors 3:38
08. Rush On You - Mark Lindsay 2:40
(former Lead Singer of Paul Revere & the Raiders)
09. A Spy For Love - Mia Moravis 2:32
10. A Special Girl - Jim McCarty 4:45
(The Yardbirds)
11. Ballerina Of The Bowery - Jana Peri 4:10
12. Break It Down - Anthony Krizan 4:29
(The Spin Doctors)
13. Fool For Your Love - Crab Bubbles Band 2:47
14. Make Up Your Mind - Inches From Sin 3:24
15. Shine Your Love - Kathryn Shipley 3:53
16. The Hand Of Fate We Hold - The Corridors 3:30

Album Review by The Grouch | In The Rockies

Hej America!
Today is a bit of a special day here in Grouchland. Why you ask? Well, today's review is of an album of songs, most of which were composed solely by one of my favorite musicians, Gar Francis. For those who do not know, Gar is a wizard of musical creativity. Over the years I have heard many songs from Gar's colossal body of work and I can honestly say I have not heard anything by Gar that I disliked. This is an album of songs composed either solely by Gar or in collaboration with other talented musicians. This album. at least in my opinion, further solidifies Gar’s position among other behind-the-scene greats such as Bob Ezrin and Mutt Lang.

I should mention, as the name of the album is The Gar Francis Songbook Volume One by Various Artists that all of the songs with the exceptions listed below, were written by Gar

Sweet Sunshine by Gar Francis, Bruce Ferguson & Kurt Reil
A Special Girl by Gar Francis & Jim McCarty
Bread It Down by Gar Francis & Anthony Krizan
Make Up Your Mind by Gar Francis, Robert Brewer & Karen Holloway Brewer
The Hand of Fate We Hold by Gar Francis & Richard X Heyman

The bottom line is this is a fantastic album that I am sure will be enjoyable to listen to for years to come. - The Grouch | in the Rockies

Made possible by all artists presented and Bongo Boy Records.
Produced by Gar Francis and Monique Grimme for Bongo Boy Records.
Album Design and Photography: Monique Grimme

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