GPM Planet signed the letter of intent with pharmaceutical company.


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GPM Planet today unveiled the letter of intent signed with pharmaceutical company. The upcoming contract will help to involve the new active carbon technology into the pharmacy and produce the top quality medical supplies within 2019. The company name and the company location will be announced shortly.

“Our consumers want to get the new eco-friendly solutions that let them produce more in terms of regulation of air, ground and water pollution acts” said Igor Kasinov, CEO at GPM Planet. “By offering the new technology that on 90% more effective that cocoa shell, we help to grow the pharmacy business in the absolutely new and effective way”.

According to the agreament, the company start to work with new active carbon within the next 6 months to pass all the test and incorporate the raw material into the production chains.

The increasing desire of humanity for well-being and prosperity stipulated by the rapid progress leads to large-scale environmental changes. Our planet is exposed to all new impacts, unprecedented in strength, power and diversity.
Without any exaggeration, it can be noted that the modern human impact on the environment has reached unparalleled, unprecedented level.

Biosphere meekly serves the satisfaction of basic human needs related to economic, military, recreational, and any other human activities. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of anthropogenic impacts is purposeful, i. e., is completely conscious.

Among other types of negative environmental impact of humans, pollution is the main and the most large-scale one. The majority of the most acute environmental problems in the world are associated with pollution of air, soil, of surface and groundwater.

By a terrible twist of fate, human is both the only source, and the victim of the environmental pollution: by changing physical and chemical profile of the environment, and its radiation level, humans, using water and consuming, for instance, agricultural products, experience changes they have caused, first of all, to themselves.

The group of companies GPM Planet has been operating since 2009 and works in the field of green technology development. During this time, we were able to gather more than 40 people with practical experience under one roof and educate a new generation of specialists working in the field of environmental clean-up. Employees of the company continuously perform large-scale scientific work in the field of research and creation of practical effective green technologies that improve the quality of human life, which has led to a number of patent works that have already been used in practice for more than one year.
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