Four Novel Ways to Market Your Company


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Steven Conway

Marketing can often feel like a challenging field. In the digital age, targeted marketing and pop-up adverts are a common and frequently frustrating feature of a web user's experience, and despite their relative merits, traditional and emerging marketing techniques can sometimes feel a little bit hit and miss. That's why this guide introduces you to four unique and exciting forms of marketing that'll set your company aside from the rest, building a far more reputable and respected brand in the process. They take a little more time and maybe a little more money to operate, but the potential rewards are worth it.

1. Viral Campaigns
Most Facebook users will remember the famous Ice Bucket Challenge that, a few years back, raised an unprecedented amount of money for a small charity. So much money was raised, indeed, that the charity's financial system could not cope. Two years later, a significant breakthrough was realized in the charity's research. The upshot of this case study is that anyone can create a marketing campaign that captures the imagination of the global public. All you'll have to do is be brave enough to imagine what trends you'll be able to set.

2. Academic Reports
The backing of academia has always been something of a holy grail for companies looking to justify their operations and sell their work to those consumers who like to be incredibly well informed. By investing in healthcare fieldwork, focus groups or social scientific studies in the field that your company operates, you'll be able to test hypotheses that help to promote your business. Whether that be the health benefits of your skincare product or the brain-training merits of an app you've created, publishing a paper, report or press release with a serious study behind it will generate headlines in your company's favor.

3. Publicity Stunts
Wise marketing companies know that the way to cut through the information overload in the advertising space is to work on and stage a dramatic publicity stunt that'll generate headlines for your company. The "flash mob" phase of publicity stunts, which traces back half a decade or so, is one such example of successful and relatively cheap stunts. Organizing your own stunt might take some time and some imagination, but it'll be a fun and wholesome way to draw attention to the excellent work that your company's doing.

4. Smart Partnerships
A little less exciting but a smart strategy nonetheless is to build strong and reliable partnerships with a number of brands that aren't competing in your space. The name of the game here is trust-building through networking, with business leaders across different industries sharing their resources to cross-promote one another's products. Never turn up an opportunity to network with other business leaders in order to enhance the visibility of your brand. Partnerships can operate on blogs, in social media posts, and in real-world events in which both companies are happy to collaborate for increased exposure.

Marketing is an incredibly big tent comprising many methods and strategies; the four listed above happen to be some of the more exciting and novel ways to generate brand awareness for your company.

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