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In January of 2017, court documents show Grace Akinlemibola filed five lawsuits -- now unambiguously referred to as part of the "Anti-Corruption Lawsuits" -- against corrupt government officials regarding fraud asserted against her throughout the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago. The assertions within the lawsuits included some of the most damaging reputes any elected or government official could ever wish to be associated with. The lawsuits and court documents can be found on Grace Akinlemibola's migrating business website at Akinlemibola is an attorney and Certified Public Accountant who had both of her professional licenses fraudulently withheld by the State of Illinois. Akinlemibola started her own business and ministry in February of 2016, where she proclaimed her first fiscal year of income to be over $3 million dollars. Akinlemibola, a former Director of Strategic Affairs and Assistant to the Mayor for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and former Budget Analyst for Chicago Public Schools, asserted that her own work product while an analyst with CPS was intentionally and fraudulently manipulated by the former Chief Financial Officer, Ginger Ostro, to then be tooted as "objective evidence" as to why the Mayor should close 50 Chicago schools, claiming her data team "ran the numbers" and recommended closing a slew of Chicago schools. Akinlemibola later discovered the manipulation while working in the Mayor's Office and disclosed the fraud to Mayoral staff and advisors asserting for a cleanup. Instead, Mayor Emanuel excluded her from conversations, even to get further details as to the fraud that took place, and began to malign her reputation behind closed doors in a way that impacted her standing in the Chicago community. She had three death attempts made against her while in Chicago, including a bullet shot at her window and a mysterious person unscrewing the bolts from her vehicle tires while she was at work. Akinlemibola was unable to turn to police: an officer laughed at her and hung up the phone when she tried reporting the unscrewed bolts on her vehicle; another officer stopped her vehicle and searched her while placing their fingers in her underwear and later unjustifiably detaining her in the police station for hours before she was allowed to walk home; when she called the police to report a theft of her purse and wallet based on her leaving her former office building for food and the building security not allowing her to retrieve her purse when she came back not 30 minutes later, the police asserted the act was not theft because no one "physically" snatched anything out of her hands. After filing the initial lawsuits, officers arrested and unjustifiably detained a former employee of hers, called him a "nigger," and kept him locked in a jail cell for hours without being allowed to use the bathroom and he ultimately urinated in the cell. She then filed an additional Anti-Corruption Lawsuit that asserted both him and herself as Co-Plaintiffs. Additional suits, including a lawsuit asserting fraud in the Mayor's Freedom of Information Act response to her inquiries, rounds out the Anti-Corruption Lawsuits.

Rahm Emanuel, the State of Illinois, and other defendants never denied any of the claims made in the lawsuits.

Instead, court opinions and orders show federal judges who begin to advocate on behalf of the defendants, degrading her without provocation in court opinions and threatening to sanction her if she continues to pursue the lawsuits after they pursue dismissal of the lawsuits out of court. One judge even conjectured she was mentally ill for her assertion against the State of Illinois fraudulently withholding her license to practice law, which became apparent as an attempt to malign her legal authority so as to prevent Akinlemibola's further assertions against the State. Akinlemibola had asserted to have passed the bar examination numerous times, but found that fraud behind closed doors had them untruthfully label her exams as failing, where Akinlemibola pointed to evidence of collusion in a later Supreme Court-submitted discovery plan and further claiming her file had untruthful allegations from which she was never able to defend herself because they never openly confronted her of them, including allegations that she was mentally ill and had an eating disorder for gaining weight while in law school. Akinlemibola claims these allegations hurt her prior to any character review. The State of Illinois then pursued Akinlemibola's business: they charged her with the "unauthorized practice of law" and even used her own pro se legal briefs as evidence of their claim. A pro se party in a court action is one who defends themselves without an attorney. Akinlemibola -- who has had numerous run-ins with civil suits either as a plaintiff or defendant -- has predominantly defended herself in all of them with the exception of two prior to her entering law school. After entering law school and getting her law degree, Akinlemibola always defended herself or said nothing at all, but she was never defended by another party. Her self-defense rubbed the State of Illinois the wrong way because they got what they wanted. She was penalized by the court and fined a civil penalty of $5,000, but appears as a criminal misdemeanor on her record. Additionally, Akinlemibola had also asserted that any services outside of pro se action with her business dealt with negotiating and drafting contracts and tax accounting and tax research, which were all things she had done prior to entering law school and were not exclusive to the practice of law.

Akinlemibola later attempted to file the Anti-Corruption Lawsuits as one large action in the United States Supreme Court based on not having any options within lower courts in the United States. This action came after attempting to file in a different jurisdiction, the State of New York, and the judges automatically moving the case back to Illinois without discussion, doubt, or censure. The Supreme Court case was not even allowed to be presented on the Supreme Court case docket with Akinlemibola presenting recorded footage of a conversation with the Clerk's Office where they opposed Akinlemibola submitting her suit. The Clerk's Office had claimed because she was not a State, she could not present her claim, but whether her case is heard before the Supreme Court or not is a legal issue for the Court to decide and not to be unnecessarily silenced. The Supreme Court was either really fraudulent or really dumb.

Finding she had lost clients and leadership, Akinlemibola found her business struggling by remaining in Chicago. She then moved to different locations in an attempt to find greater prosperity, even moving to Israel, seeking political asylum as a refugee of the United States.

Where is she now?

In Seattle. And homeless now. No one compensated her for all that was perpetrated against her. The City of Chicago stole her vehicle -- also outlined in her lawsuits -- and along with several happenings, Akinlemibola is now struggling with her business as her company stopped payroll over a year ago. She sleeps in a homeless shelter for women at night and does work with her business on her laptop during the day. Recently, she filed a complaint in court regarding a veneer that cracked and came out of her mouth after repeated fractures while her Chicago dentist refused to fix it.

She has also become a leader of the Anti-Corruption esteem with anti-corruption and anti-fraud becoming an assertion that has steamrolled around the world after she also made international contacts in Israel and the African Union. She is not done with the Anti-Corruption Lawsuits either. Akinlemibola is currently drafting a human rights complaint to the United Nations and appealing for a sanction against the United States of America for their human rights violations.
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