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Colver Technologies says that the first of what is hoped to be a series of small-scale GTL reactors in the country has become operational at a pilot site in the Izbaskent oilfield and is performing as expected. The reactor, which was part of a commercial deal with Kyrgyzstan’s state-owned oil company, Kyrgyzneft, is expected to act as a pilot for further deployments at other wells in the region.

The deal, finalized in March 2015, was the first of three commercial joint-ventures the company has forged with state-owned oil companies in Central Asian countries this year.

Initial data suggests the reactor is producing gasoline of a grade acceptable to Kyrgyzneft’s operatives on the ground and Gus Stuyvesant, Chief Operations Officer at Colver Technologies says he is awaiting the green light to begin construction at 2 more wells.

“We are utterly delighted with the way this project has developed. The modular design of our small-scale reactors was instrumental in the project going live within 6 months. Conventional, larger-scale plant would still be under construction,” he explained.

Although Kyrgyzneft personnel have issued no formal statement regarding expansion of the project at the time of writing, Colver Technologies’ head of operations at the site, Liam O’Connor, said he had received verbal assurances that, on the strength of the performance of the first reactor, the company would be given the go ahead to begin construction on two more elsewhere in Izbaskent.

If all planned installations receive the green light, Kyrgyzneft will be far better placed to meet demand for refined petroleum products from its domestic consumer base.
About Colver Technologies
Colver Technologies’ modular GTL systems revolve around the Fischer-Tropsch reactor, a conversion technology developed in the 1920s by Franz Fischer and Hans Tropsche in Germany in 1925. It facilitates the production of significantly cleaner-burning liquid fuels like diesel and jet fuel from natural gas that contains no sulfur. We are committed to doing our part to drive uptake of GTL fuels as global efforts to reduce emissions increase and have invested heavily to ensure the continuing development of this highly attractive alternative to conventional energy production.

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