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Based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, the XXSIM was introduced on the market more than eight years ago. Over the years, the product has undergone a lot of changes as the world of communications changed. With innovations, new features are added to the existing services and now XXSIM can offer mobile phone users traveling abroad a broad range of services at a fraction of the usual price. Traveling with the XXSIM provides communication services across the globe with the strategic partnerships with over 650 global network providers in over 190 countries of the world. What this means is that the XXSIM card can be used in those countries in any standard GSM phone, smartphone or broadband modem allowing the traveler to keep in touch from anywhere in the world all the time.

The Managing Director at Egraphic DMCC said, "XXSIM has been developed as a SIM card for travelers. As a traveling SIM card, XXSIM allows travelers to use their mobile phones abroad at a fraction of the usual roaming prices. With our product, we provide free incoming calls and the best rates on outgoing calls as well as roaming data. In addition to offering the most cost-effective way for voice communications, SMS and data download abroad. We provide our customer with the most smooth and versatile mobile phones and Internet service including all the essential tools for keeping in touch with your family and friends every day. We keep introducing innovative new products and services that make using your mobile phone easier and less expensive while traveling to the world when you use our XXSIM."

When traveling abroad, the best travel SIM for Europe would be the SIM card that provides telecommunications services to thousands of individuals across the globe. XXSIM is a SIM card strategic partnerships with more than 650 global networks in more than 190 countries worldwide. The XXSIM card can be used by customers on their mobile phones to roam not only Europe but the world a fraction of the usual roaming charges.

"When traveling, one wants to have peace of mind and forget about roaming charges. The XXSIM is one SIM card that gives you just that and more. The SIM is available online, and the app can be downloaded from the website. When you have the XXSIM and accompanying app, you have right there in your hands a service that allows the use of your phone anywhere in the world. The tools available are activated and can be accessed all over the world. Card management becomes easier than ever and remaining in touch with your business, office, friends, and family back home using these tools and without fear of having exorbitant mobile phone bills is a dream come true for many travelers. The XXSIM service operates with no minimum connection fees or minimum daily packages."

XXSIM SIM card is providing the best solution to cut roaming charges. It is the best international SIM card for travelers and businesspeople all over the world, people who find it more convenient to BUY international SIM card when traveling than many local SIM cards at the countries of destination. The XXSIM is delivered worldwide for free.

About Egraphic DMCC
Egraphic DMCC is the provider of XXSIM, the SIM card that allows free receiving calls in over 190 countries of the world and with partnerships with over 650 networks world over. Based in Dubai, the Company has been in the communications business over the last eight year and growing.
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