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Nutrition of the Future has launched a new site as one of the leaders in the field of glycobiology. The company has invested over 50 million dollars into research in the newly emerging field of health science, and offers a wide range of information and guidance for interested parties.

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The site explains that there are eight essential glycans/plant saccharides that peoples cells need for optimum health and communication in the cells. Most people normally get these from sun ripened fruits and vegetables.

However, due to bad farming practices and now shipping purposes, most fruits and vegetables are picked early. Often this means that they are picked raw, and dont have the same level of glycans.

When the human body gets these glycans, the body produces Glycoproteins, which coat the cells in a tree-like cover. This helps to protect the cells from disease and turns them into transceivers, allowing the cells to communicate with other cells.

Nutrition of the Future is a leader in the field of nutritional awareness and prides itself on offering readers the best information on the web. As part of its commitment to excellence, it offers a range of articles on a number of different nutritional topics.

One of the most popular recent reports is a piece on the importance of glycobiology, a branch of biology concerned with the study of the structure, biosynthesis and function of saccharides or sugar chains.

While there are over 300 of these plant saccharides in nature, eight of them are keyed to match and support the cells in the human body.

The report states: These glyconutrients are only formed within fruits and vegetables at the perfect stage of ripening via photosynthesis. This process could be likened to the final stages of a stars supernova where all the chemical elements of reality are formed.

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