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It is estimated that the domestic demand for crude steel in 2015 will be 750 million tons, and the production capacity will be seriously overcapacity. In the past two years, under the pressure of overcapacity in domestic steel, limited market demand and rising raw materials, some steel companies have faced insufficient orders and serious losses. In order to survive, some steel companies will develop welded pipe products, which will drive the sales of their steel products. In addition, some steel companies and large welded pipe enterprises to achieve a strong combination, not only to ensure the quality of welded pipe panels, but also to drive the sale of steel.

In the course of the development of China's electric resistance welded pipe industry, a number of private entrepreneurs emerged. During the construction of private welded pipe enterprises, some experts from the former state-owned enterprises were hired and played a great role. At the same time, a large number of outstanding technical experts and talent. With the improvement of the quality of hot rolled coil materials, the quality of welded joints and the reliability of non-destructive testing, the use of electric resistance welded pipes(erw steel pipe) is expanding, not only the speed of growth is higher than that of seamless pipes, but also increasingly entering the "common market". In addition to the general tube market, it is also developing in the market for boiler manufacturing, building structures, oil well pipes and cold drawn tube blanks.

The improvement of China's steel pipe production process technology and equipment has greatly promoted the development of steel pipe applications in the direction of serialization, standardization and high-end. In China's oil exploration, nuclear power, wind power, aerospace, military, chemical, energy, heavy-duty thick-walled structures, machinery and other fields, the demand for special high-end seamless steel pipes has been localized. The demand for special high-end welded steel pipes in the West-East Gas Transmission Project, submarine engineering, giant pipelines and other engineering fields is realized in China, and it is also effective in the technical development of steel pipe varieties and quality.

The demand in China is very large. At this time, China has the ability to develop electric resistance welded pipes. Our electric resistance welded pipe manufacturing plant is also very much. This electric resistance welded steel pipe is the best pipe in the metal pipe used. One of them, electric resistance welded steel pipe has experienced a very glorious period, but due to the financial crisis, the current state of electric resistance welded steel pipe is not particularly good, but in order to restore the original glorious history of electric resistance welded steel pipe, many electric resistance welded steel pipe manufacturing enterprises are with unremitting efforts, we are working hard to study this new high-quality electric resistance welded steel pipe on the basis of the original. The purpose is to create a larger profit for our motherland and our people, and its development prospects. It will be very good, because the electric resistance welded steel pipe is a very environmentally friendly pipe and is very competitive in the pipe used. I believe that in the near future, the electric resistance welded steel pipe will restore its original glory and create a new miracle. For more about erw steel pipe, visit:
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