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When connecting a Wireless Router to the Internet and to give a Wireless Local Network for local connectivity, it is important that you first have a working Broadband connection to the Internet via a modem. A lot of non-technical individuals get unclear about the difference between a wireless router and an Internet Gateway, which has a built-in modem and so does not need a standalone modem.

Once the hardware is in place, connecting to an existing WAP, network, is a flurry. Access the resources of the wireless network board.

- Enter on my network places the icon on the desktop and pick properties.
- Click the networking icon in the system and choose open network connections.
- Open the control panel, then open the network connection. Click the wireless device.
- Choose the wireless networks tab. To connect to an available wireless network, click the view wireless network switch.

Choosing an available network.

You will only see the next dialogue box if you're running XP Service Pack. To connect to one of the networks on the list, simply choose the network first with a mouse-click, and then click the Connect button. You should see the dialogue box as the network card tries to obtain an IP address from the wireless access point.

Another great thing to remember when buying your wireless router is to make sure it is not a wireless access point, otherwise, it will not have the routing capacity which required to connect your wireless devices to the Internet.
We are ready to start connecting our wireless device, so it would be a great plan to have a copy of any setup directions that came with the device. They will be very similar, regardless of the manufacturer, but there will be definite variations. If you face any issue you can call us directly to resolve the concern.
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