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Cause of Vitiligo & Leucoderma

Wisely we call it a ‘disorder’ as no pain and symptoms can be found in Vitiligo & Leucoderma. So, it can’t be termed as a disease. It may start with a small spot which later enlarge into a large white patch.

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Cause of Leucoderma could be accidental as a cut, burn or an ulcer. With due reasons the melanocytes cells which produce melanin pigment gets damaged. Due to this damage the pigmentation gradually disappears from the affected areas and the skin converts white there resulting into a white patch.

However cause of Vitiligo could be improper hygiene, inappropriate food combinations, regular junk food intake, insecticide/pesticide treated green vegetable intake regularly, past history of Jaundice or Typhoid fever, harsh Antibiotic use etc. One important cause of Vitiligo could be sudden emotional trauma, stress. Due to mentioned one or many reasons formation of toxin substances happen inside human body which disturbs the human Immune system and the disturbed immunity system reaches to the condition of Autoimmunity (a condition in which immune system of body destroys its own cells & tissues). This Autoimmunity is the basic important reason of Vitiligo according to Ayurvedic as well as Allopathic system of medicine.

In Ayurveda the reason behind Autoimmunity is mostly improper hygiene which is termed ‘virudh ahar sevan’ (as eating fish & milk together). This results into toxin formation inside the body which ultimately disturbs the immune system due to which the pigment producing melanocytes cells gets inactive or degenerated and thus vitiligo is formed.

Although hereditary condition which is almost 10-15%, is also attached as the cause of Vitiligo. But this is not certain that all the kids of vitiligo affected parents develop Vitiligo. Several families can be found normal despite family history of Vitiligo.

Signs and pet areas of Vitiligo & Leucoderma
Vitiligo is symptomless. Only sign can be found as depigmented spots. The depigmented spots enlarge into white patch gradually. Pet areas of Vitiligo includes ear back, eyelids, lips, palms, palm back, face, scalp, around navel and mostly bony prominences as elbow, knee, ankles, finger joints etc. Mostly we found less blood circulation areas are more prone to vitiligo in human.

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