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Following the United Kingdom's choice to leave the European Union, discussions about dreary outlook for the organizations and vulnerability around Brexit developing across have become widespread. However, while some keep talking, others act. A Lithuanian organization, which provides catering equipment services, has stepped forward to enter the British market and figured out how to secure its position inside a brief timeframe.

Since June 2016 when the UK residents voted to leave the EU in a referendum, the business sectors have been reacting in an adverse manner. The exchange rate of the pound sterling has seen a significant drop, while market leaders as well as representatives of small businesses have begun talking about leaving the UK.

This choice of the Britons created great deal of concern to those organizations with their business specifically connected to the trade relations between the EU and the UK. Especially, even before the before the end of the Brexit negotiations, it has turned out to be obvious that the British are probably going to lose their place in the Community's single market.

Many have fears about the potential increase of operating costs, a price rise of goods and services or even the worst " cessation of business. And they take opportunities to remind that it is not only the businesses that will suffer, but consumers will do too. 'Brexit is destroying businesses', " shout the headlines.

All things considered, the Lithuanians have once more demonstrated that there is no border that can prevent good product and top-quality works from entering a particular market. While others are considering possibilities to leave the UK, Lithuanian catering equipment company Audores has made a decision to act on the contrary and expand here.

Their choice to dive into the public catering sector - a market with fierce competition appeared to be significantly more controversial. The statistics from 2016 demonstrates that UK has right around 87,000 cafes, bars, restaurants and other catering establishments. And the number is constantly growing.

Nonetheless, the Lithuanians had decided to set the challenge and set up their subsidiary in London half a year ago. Not only did the company, which supplies state-of-the-art and reliable equipment to public catering companies, managed to secure its position in this country within a short period time, but also built its reputation as a trustworthy partner. Audores Ltd. not only offers catering equipment by leading catering equipment manufacturers known for quality (Rational, MKN, Lincat, True, Winterhalter and others), but also fits it and takes care of the final preparations for it to be used.

In other words, the proposition of the Lithuanians is to turn ideas for restaurant kitchens into reality in any empty room taken. And with partners across Europe they are able to build kitchens adapted for preparing traditional meals of a variety of nations within a relatively short period of time, thus fulfilling the orders by the fussiest customers.

Such Lithuanian flexibility did not go unnoticed in the UK market, which is characteristic of extremely intense competition. Since the launch of its business in London, the services by Audores have been chosen not only the local Brits, but by other nationals too, including Lithuanian entrepreneurs based in the UK.

By the way, the entrepreneurs have become the ambassadors for the Lithuanian manufacturers. Along with the globally known equipment, UK restaurant kitchens also have Lithuanian refrigeration equipment fitted.

As the business grows, the Audores subsidiary in London is also planning to create additional jobs this year.

"The United Kingdom is one of the biggest markets in Europe regarding catering. Despite Brexit, the restaurant business is developing quickly here. New restaurants, bars or outdoor venues open on a regular basis. Britain is home to many different nations with a variety of needs.

Be that as it may, with an extensive variety of partners both in the UK and across Europe we can unhesitatingly satisfy the desires of each and every client. And this is key in this area.

Every threat on the market is a certain possibility. We are young and ambitious and see everything from a positive point of view. So today we see more opportunities than threats,” – responded Juta Markauskaite, the Head of Audores Ltd, when commenting on their decision to expand in the UK.

Audores, which started its business in Lithuania 7 years ago, is far from a newcomer in foreign markets. The Lithuanians offer their services to the Baltic and Scandinavian countries. To date, the count of restaurants, cafes, canteens, bakeries, pizzerias, hotels, kebab houses, fast food outlets, rural tourism destinations and food shops with the equipment installed by Audores has exceeded 6,000.
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