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A lot of homeowners think that it’s better to build their new deck in the warmer months. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Building decks in winter can be better for many reasons.

1. Faster Start Time
For a lot of custom deck builders, the winter schedule is a little more flexible. That means that homeowners who are ready to build can usually get in the rotation more quickly. In a lot of cases it can even cut your wait time in half. Because builders are usually able to start sooner, you’re a lot closer to the finish line. Not to mention, most builders are slow in the winter so you can probably negotiate a better rate.

2. Better for Digging
While you might not like the idea of working outside in the cold, it’s great for professional deck builders. Frozen ground or snow won’t stop them from progressing on your deck. In fact, the cold actually helps the digging process. Working with hard ground (instead of mud) can greatly help your deck’s foundation. There should be less turf damage too, which can end up cutting any extra costs on finishing touches your yard might need once construction is complete.

3. Lower Humidity
Whether your deck boards are composite or lumber, your structure’s foundation will be made of pressure treated wood. And with the winter weather, the wood will be able to stabilize and dry more consistently. The lower humidity (especially compared to summertime in Indiana) can really help the structure settle properly. Of course, it all depends on having an experienced deck builder. When you go with a professional company, you should already be in the clear for a solid decking foundation.

4. Easier to Stain
In addition to the lower humidity, wintertime can be a great time to stain your treated deck. So long as the surface temperature of your deck is between 50 and 80 degrees, and the wood is dry, you’ll be ready to get it stained and sealed before the spring showers start. Building in winter increases you chances of being able to stain right after the construction has finished. The right conditions will give you a nice stretch of sunny winter days to knock out the project

5. Ready for Warm Weather
Last but not least, it’s great to build a deck in winter because it gives you more time to enjoy it! There’s a lot more incentive to come out of indoor winter hibernation when you have a new deck. As soon as spring sets in, homeowners are able to enjoy their outdoor space in style. It’s the perfect way to welcome the warmer months. And if you’ve added a custom feature like a fireplace or fire pit, there’s no reason why you won’t be hanging on your deck well into the fall and colder nights too.

A great feature you can add to your deck is a pergola & here’s why; pergolas often steal the show for backyard designs because they are built with both style and function in mind.

Pergolas are a sturdy structure & a smart design choice because you don’t need to worry about them during a thunderstorm. Since they won’t get blown away like an umbrella, a lot of homeowners would rather opt for a pergola instead of setting up another type of canopy.

Knowing how to take indoor comforts to your outdoor settings is especially popular with today’s home designs. This is where pergolas really shine. Being able to sit underneath an overhead structure becomes a natural transition from your indoor space to the outdoor living area. In that sense, the pergola design also serves as an extension of your home—not just a decorative part of your backyard landscaping. These features become the perfect place to set up your seating area because their square footage intrinsically feels like a new room.

There are few better places to hang strands of lights than on a custom pergola. For literally every season, outdoor lighting helps create a relaxing ambiance for your home. In the summertime, you can enjoy the lights as you sit outside with your favorite evening beverage. During the colder months, you’re able to appreciate the views from inside. The lights are sure to cast a nice glimmer across the snow or overhead on other dark, winter nights. Being able to utilize your pergola year-round only adds to its charm.

Make sure to ask your contractor to help you create a design that will work best with your space & provide the entertaining area you’re looking for.
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