Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 to Feature a Woman President


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In Black Ops 1 the intro video featured a bold way of thinking about war. The first Black Ops put women in games by casting Emmanuelle Chriqui as “The Numbers Lady.” Specifically, they cast her lips and cigarette-holding hand, as she played a mostly faceless woman who read numbers into a microphone for about twenty seconds during the opening cinematic. This role earned her a Spike Video Game Award nomination in 2010. You might know her from her TV acting on entourage.

It sure looks like Black Ops II is going to up the ante by including multiple female characters, giving them faces and names, and having them speak non-numerical dialogue.

There is many changes coming to the next Call Of Duty video game. All sorts of weapons and guns is a given for the next Call of Duty video game but Woman? Not just woman gamers anymore! Treyarch is building woman into the newest COD Black Ops 2 video game.

Treyarch’s studio in Santa Monica is showing off some new changes coming to the Call of Duty series, for the first time ever there will be woman featured as part of the game and plot. This is a big step for COD games and you can be sure not all gamers are welcoming to the new black ops 2 female characters.

They are currently showing off a press demo that shows the city of Los Angeles under major attack. As you fight to survive shot through the city, you can get rescued by a female pilot named Anderson who flew a high-tech VTOL aircraft. But this is not the first military first person shooter games to feature a female pilot. In fact it is not even new to the Call of Duty game series. In Modern Warfare there was female pilots. But what if your leader of the free world was a woman?

“We have to escort the President to safety!” yelled a soldier in the demo. They started escorting the President which is a Woman! Yep the leader of America in this game will be a woman.

Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia – “There’s a female character role in the game,”
“Not just the President and the fighter pilot; as we’re working on characters and stories, it’s something that we wanted to do. You saw the motion capture demo, and while that’s not her, there is a female character role in the game. We wanted to explore that part of storytelling. ”

Having playable female characters in multiplayer, a feature that the series has never included?

“We haven’t talked about create-a-class in multiplayer yet.”

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