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To work as a businessman or to undertake service with an employer is a usual query posed by natives of the present age. There has been constant confusion in their mind, as to which of the two will suit them the most. Still, the urge to undertake a business activity has been seen more often today, as the opportunities are in plethora.

In the present generation, a native is eager to grab these opportunities as they would like seek independence and again prove their in the society. However, how do they verify if their decision is correct or no? Especially if they are first generation business pursuant.

These are some of the issues which would need counselling. In fact, these counselling should be precise and decisive to help the native to choose their correct path.

Assuming that a native does their homework or is able to seek preliminary assistance from a counsellor and zero down their decision to start a business, then they encounter another important question which is; what type of business will suit me? The challenge is not to address these queries, but to find a suitable counsellor who can direct the querent with the appropriate answers.

Therefore, it is here that a counsellor, to assist a native, should be knowledgeable and even able to give accurate answers without any shades of grey. Thankfully our ancient science of Astrology by the Vedas has always come handy to help the mankind. It is through the astrological analysis of a native's horoscope, which can help the native, seek answers to their query.

As there are learnt and expert astrologers, who deal in business astrology counselling which would study the horoscope of a native in detailed and then provide accurate answers to the querent.

These astrologers even do a horoscope compatibility analysis if there is any partner to be involved in the business. Thus, astrology is a very effective means of practise to find simple and accurate answers to a native’s query. But if you are a first-generation business pursuant, then one can raise the question, why astrology? Is it mere supersites to consult an astrologer for business decisions? Not really.

Those who have traditionally been into business activities have always recognised the powers of astrology and sought the assistance of an expert and learnt astrologer from time to time. Only through astrological analysis they would decide their actions accordingly.

For example: the famous company J.P Morgan in the USA Made their fortunes only through astrology. They timed the market entry and exit to only maximise profits.This has been well recognised in the world of astrology, and gave boost to many traditionally practising business man, to consult a learnt and expert astrologer.

One would have heard Some business man seeking answers on their business forecast through astrology report or even financial analysis report through astrology.

Again, if any remedy is needed in their business, in the form of wearing any gemstone by the native, then too only a learnt and expert astrologer would come to help them. Thus, there are many wide applicability to answers the queries of a native through astrology and an astrologer is a good counsellor to help them.

Now, let us understand how astrology would answer some of these queries in a scientific manner. As one would know, astrology is a science of nine planet and twelve zodiac signs through a horoscope. Each of these nine planets have certain attributes such as: Characteristics, gender, physical traits, mental state, specific commodities, business partners and their dealings, Financial gains and many more.

Similarly, the twelve zodiac signs, starting from the ascendant or the lagna in a native's horoscope do signify certain attributes such as: Individual personality, financial gains, speculation, service or business, business partners, profit or loss, risk taking ability etc., therefore, the study of the above nine planets and their placement spread over these twelve zodiac signs will decide the outcome of an event, especially during the main period (Mahadasha) and the Sub-Period (antradasha) of a native. It is here that the native gets accurate answers if they decide to start a business. The timing is reckoned when to start and reap maximum benefits.

Again, if there are any suitable Yog which exist in the horoscope of a native is analysed as the same can bring prosperity to the native during their main and sub periods. Sometimes, if there is not horoscope, then through horary astrology or Panchang (Hindu almanac) is used to addressed these queries.

Thus, astrology as a scientific study not only answers the simple question of business or service, but also gives answers as to which type of business, when to start and above allow, whether it would be successful or not? Is analysed and answered accordingly.
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