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Anurag Bhalla
KILA NO 119-14/2 , PLOT NO-3 , GALI NO-2, BHAKRI P
Haryana - 121004
is highly experienced in analyzing the machining needs of your part and recommending the proper broaching machine system. Broaching is done on a variety of equipment styles and equipment sizes depending on your part application. Quite often systems are recommended based on a family of similar parts.

Broaching machines are sized by tonnage and stroke, in general the more material being removed from the part and greater the size of the part the greater the tonnage and stroke required. For example, a horizontal style broaching machine can be between 6 tons and 50 tons of force and 48” to 120” of stroke

Fully Automated Vertical Broaching Machine Cell horizontal-broaching-machine-automatic-load-unload Parts Machined Using Broaching Machine

TOOL ROOM ENGINEERS Broaching Systems offers a full lineup of broaching machine sizes and styles:

Stroke - from 12" to 120"
Tonnage - from 1 to 50 tons

Horizontal Broaching Machines
Standard Horizontal Hydraulic Broaching Machine
Vertical Broaching Machines
Table-Up Broaching Machine
Pull Down Broaching Machine
Recondition Broaching Machines of any brand, size and style

The proper broaching machine system is determined by first analyzing your part. Our engineers will need the following to begin:

Part print with all dimensions and tolerances before and after broaching
Material type (casting, forging, rolled stock etc.)
Hardness of the material when broached
Heat treatment both before and after broaching
Machining operations that precede and follow the broaching operation on all surfaces
Surface that will be used to locate for the broaching operation
Maximum stock that will be removed by broaching
Finish required after broaching
Production volume and rate required for your part
Number of parts to be broached in a single pass
Any existing broach tool drawing
Any floor space limitations for the broaching machine
Delivery destination

Once these basic requirements are understood our engineers can size the broaching system to your particular application.

Horizontal Broaching Machines
TOOL ROOM ENGINEERS Broaching Systems Horizontal Broaching machines are built of heavy duty construction and are ideal for a wide variety of part applications including:
Internal involute splines
Internal SAE splines
Key lock slots
Internal 'D' forms
Internal Serrations

Horizontal Broaching Machine Horizontal Broaching Machine Internal Spline & Forms Part Applications 15 ton x 72β€³ Stroke High Speed Horizontal Broaching Machine Rear View High Speed Horizontal Broaching Machine High Speed Horizontal Broaching with Automatic Load and Unload

TOOL ROOM ENGINEERS Horizontal Broaching Machines range in size between 6 Tons – 50 Tons with 48β€³ to 120β€³ of Stroke. Please contact us for specific floor plan dimensions.

Vertical Broaching Machines
TOOL ROOM ENGINEERS Broaching Systems Vertical Broaching Machines are built to perform, and are ideal for a wide variety of part applications including:
Internal involute splines
Internal SAE splines
Internal forms
Round, square, hex holes
Internal serrations
Internal surfaces
External serrations
External flat surfaces

TOOL ROOM ENGINEERS Vertical Internal Pull Down Broaching Machines are ideal for internal broaching applications of almost every kind and conserve floor space.

Recondition Broaching Machines
TOOL ROOM ENGINEERS Broaching Systems can remanufacture/recondition most broaching machine makes and models and retool the broaching machine for your new part application. An assessment should be made to verify the existing machine is appropriate for your intended purpose.

A basic recondition would generally consist of the following, but would be customized to your specific needs, details will be provided in a customized quote:

Machining and qualifying surfaces as required to original flat and square conditions including fixture mounting surfaces, slides and way surfaces

Refurbish main motor
Refurbish or replace hydraulic power unit
Refit existing main slide
Refurbish or replace and machine ways
Rebuild or replace coolant system
Refurbish or replace lube system
New electrical system with updated control
Repainted one color industrial enamel paint
Dry run and machine runoff
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