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Obesity and inactivity are two of the most significant problems that many people face in their personal lives. They are also two of the easiest problems to overcome, if you have a little help.

Many people know they need to make some changes, but motivation is still an issue. Newton's First Law of Motion (bodies at rest tend to stay at rest) is not just for science books. The real world is like that as well. Moreover, there are so many choices in today's fitness world that it is hard to determine which one is best for you and your family.

"The Brass Pole Fitness workout program helps people get started, and getting started is usually the hardest part," explained founder Christina Tanzer. "Once people get started, they quickly become addicted to our mind, body, and spirit approach. This addiction is a very good thing," she added.

Brass Pole Fitness

Dancing on a brass pole is more than just fun. It is an intense movement, cardio, and strength conditioning workout. As a bonus, participants get to roleplay and exercise in six-inch stiletto high heels. If that combination does not at least intrigue you, nothing else probably will.

High-energy brass pole workouts burn up to 800 calories an hour. All the while, participants also tone their arm and leg muscles. Climbing up and down a brass pole looks hard, and it is even harder than it looks.

There are other benefits as well. Women bond during brass pole fitness classes like they do in few other environments. The classes are usually quite small, so there is lots of individual attention. As a result of all this, brass pole fitness often gives people a sense of accomplishment and confidence boost that cannot be had anywhere else.


Brass pole workouts are only part of the equation at Brass Pole Fitness. Participants also practice yoga regularly. The benefits of yoga, especially for people with arthritis and other chronic conditions, are very well-documented:

Improved flexibility,
Better muscle tone,
Weight control,
Better circulatory health, and
More energy.

One of the nice things about yoga is that it can be adapted to meet almost any circumstance. For example, we offer chair yoga classes for people with mobility impairments.

Personal Presentation and Improvement

All three Brass Pole Fitness program levels feature weekly nutrition workshops and meditation classes. Proper nutrition is essential for so many reasons, and meditation helps many people find the quiet centers of their busy lives.

Other activities include hair and makeup classes. We live in a very image-conscious world. The better we look when we walk out the door, the better our day will be.

A better life is surprisingly easy to claim, if you are motivated to get started. At Brass Pole Fitness, the benefits of yoga, the allure of brass pole fitness, and the support you need to make it happen helps many people take that first step. We invite you to do the same thing. Reach out to Christina Tanzer today, and see what a new you looks like.


The Dalai Lama once said that "my mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive, and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." That sentiment reflects our mind, body, and spirit approach at Brass Pole Fitness. From our New York studio, our high-energy classes are designed for people just like you. Learn more at
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