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PL lamps, otherwise known as twin-tube fluorescent lights, have dominated functional lighting for decades. The long fluorescent tubes were first developed by Philips but it wasn't long before other manufacturers caught on and the twin-tube system became ubiquitous, particularly in commercial and industrial settings. They were energy efficient, long lasting and provided high visibility.

However, they had their drawbacks. Fluorescent lamps were known to flicker or even buzz, particularly towards the end of their lifespan. Ballasts were mounted in the fitting rather than in the tube and required periodic replacement, along with the tubes themselves. Replacing a fluorescent light was a fiddly business and removing one even more challenging.

Then came CFLs. Compact Fluorescent Lamps began as a more compact version of the twin tube system and more importantly, could be retrofitted to incandescent light fittings. Highly energy efficient, CFLs quickly caught on and became mandatory in building regulations as energy draining incandescent bulbs were phased out.

"The crucial change has been in the technological advancements in fluorescent lighting," says Paul Towers, Director of Saving Light Bulbs. "The ballast is now part of the CFL and luminosity is instant and flicker-free. Natural white light, suited to applications requiring improved vision, has been augmented with warm white light that gives the same colour warmth as an incandescent bulb."

Size matters, too. CFLs are exactly what the name suggests: compact. Since fluorescent lighting requires a large surface to generate light, a larger bulb was required. The coiled tube of a CFL solved the surface area problem as well as the issue of oversized fittings. U-shaped and butterfly tubes also began catching on as convenient alternatives.

Many people are still stuck with their old PL fittings and are unwilling or unable to change them. CFL PL lamps solve that problem. These are CFL bulbs with the ability to be retrofitted into PL fittings. In four pin and two pin push-in versions, they're an ideal answer to what to do with that bothersome light fitting.

"CFL PL lamps are incredibly long lasting with an up to 50,000 hour lifespan," says Towers. "They need little maintenance, are durable and are well suited to long burning applications such as signage, bollards, security lighting and outdoor fittings, and they're highly energy efficient."

PL lamps are often a requirement for building regulations. These are available in different types and it is most important to match the codes exactly otherwise the bulbs will not fit or the electronic ballast may burn out. Saving Light Bulbs supplies a range of CFL PL lamps available in warm white and natural white as well as different luminosities.

The light output of a 7W CFL PL lamp produces 400lm of light, equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb, and the 26W version produces 1800lm of light, equivalent to a 150W incandescent bulb. They are available in 7W, 9W, 11W, 13W and 26W versions.

“CFLs are currently the most effective and energy efficient lighting solutions on the market, with LEDs catching up fast. For now, CFL PL lamps can't be beaten for lighting large spaces that require improved vision capabilities,” Towers concludes.

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