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DUI (driving under the influence) offense is one of the most serious offenses in the state of New York and the accused persons will face severe penalties for DUI / DWI crime. Even if you're a first time DUI offender, you need to deal with significant legal charges including the driver's license suspension. Before you arrested with DUI crime, you need an experienced legal representative at your side. DUI attorney is a person who can help the clients by reducing their penalties. Without an attorney for your DUI case, it is very complex to navigate your case.

DUI Penalties
Drunk and driving is an aggressively prosecuted crime and DUI offenders will face strong penalties, including the following:

- Driver's license suspension
- Alcohol screening
- Ignition interlock
- Fines
- Prison time

Other Penalties
For the first time DUI offenders who have their BAC (blood alcohol content) between .05% - .08% will face fines up to $500, 90 days of license revocation and 15 days prison time.

If your BAC is between .08% - .18%, then it is called as a misdemeanor DUI and charges, including 6 months license suspension, probation up to 3 years, jail time up to 1 year and fines up to $1000.

You can be charged with aggravated DUI when your BAC is .18% or above. Penalties including 1 year of prison time, fines up to $2500, 1 year of license suspension and interlock ignition device has installed on all vehicles you own.

If you're drunk and driving a vehicle with a child, then you will be charged under the felony crime. Felony crimes are the most serious crime and penalties are probation up to 5 years, driver's license suspended up to 1 year, fines between $1000-$5000, and jail time up to 4 years in the state prison.

DUI Attorney
An experienced DUI attorney will fight hard against your DUI case and highly reduce your penalties as possible. A good DUI defense lawyer will thoroughly investigate your case by putting his / her criminal defense knowledge to protect your driver's license from being suspended. If you've engaged in a DUI case in Brooklyn, then consult with a DUI attorney to preserve your rights and freedom. To know more information about DUI cases, visit https://brooklynlaw.net/
For more information, visit: https://brooklynlaw.net/

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