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The HTC Sensation has recently seen the release of an upgraded version, called the Sensation XE. Whilst this handset looks similar to the popular original version, there are several enhancements to its spec list. In this article I will look at how the HTC Sensation XE differs to its predecessor.

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Beats Audio
One of the main attractions of the Sensation XE is the inclusion of the sought after Beats Audio technology. HTC recently bought the majority stake in the company, so expect to see it in a lot of future HTC devices. The Sensation XE and Sensation XL were the first to include this technology. Beats Audio offers enhanced audio playback, with a standard of sound quality which is already well known. As an added bonus, the handset comes with a Beats Audio headset. These are fast becoming the headsets to be seen with, replacing the iconic white iPod headsets. Beats Audio makes the HTC Sensation XE arguably the best equipped music phone available, in conjunction with features like expandable SD storage and a variety of both pre-installed and downloadable music player widgets.

The HTC Sensation XE comes with a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, which until very recently, made it the most powerful smartphone in the world in terms of processing power. This is a step up from the 1.2 GHz dual-core chipset of the original Sensation which is very powerful anyway. The upgraded processor provides almost unrivalled performance from many aspects of the hardware and software alike. The responsiveness of the high resolution touchscreen, the speed at which the camera shutter reacts to the capture button being used, the loading times of web pages and the efficiency of application multi tasking are all affected by the power of the processor, along with many other features.

The HTC Sensation XE has the same basic design and dimensions of the original, but on closer inspection you will notice a number of differences. The back of the handset has been decorated with an eye catching red Beats Audio logo. The red theme also continues in several other parts of the phone’s aesthetics. The grill on the speaker is now red rather than silver, along with the camera lens surround on the back of the phone. Even the Android capacitive shortcut keys which are generic between most Android smartphones form all manufacturers now have red illumination rather than the standard white. The addition of the red touches to the handset is only a subtle change, but one which is very noticeable, and many will agree that it looks great.

If you are in the market for a powerful, premium smartphone, the HTC Sensation XE is defiantly worthy of a place on your short list. Very few handsets come close to the spec list it offers, but this is a phone which really stands out because of its updated styling meaning it ticks all the boxes for most users.
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