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With all of this going on, so many question related to domain names go unanswered. Here's a quick look into the renewal process.
If, one decides to buy a fresh domain name for the website they probably are contemplating with various question as there are several other things related to buying a domain name. Whether, it is to be renewed for one year or more than that? Is it required to pay the renewal fee for the whole year?

Some guidelines associated with domain renewal should be considered before even going into getting the name registered. It is always required to have thorough information, before deciding on anything. With so many questions surrounding the renewal, it is a must to look into the possibilities and advice.

Renewal period of your domain refers to the term for which one renews the domain name after its first expiry date. It is required to renew it for at least a year after the first expiry date from registration of your domain name. It is advised to renew the name for longer period instead of a minimum required term. As the future is uncertain and you cannot really estimate the price of the domain name in future and the renewal fee, the current price should be locked for the domain name to the domain provider.
Usually, domain renewal goes through two ways:

Automatic Renewal:
Automatic domain renewal is recommended as it provides the domain owner with an automatically generated renewal invoice before the domain expires. In some cases, Domain registrer sents the bill for domain renewal a day after the domain name registration's expires. Others do it 30 days prior and automatically send a reminder email on the registered email address.

The best part of automatic renewal is the domain name automatically renews if domain account is linked with Credit/Debit card details. If the card has expired the domain registrar may notify for domain renewal and park the Domain Name. Then, you can renew the domain by paying the redemption fee manually.

If, however domain name is not renewed before expiry of a certain period as given by the domain name provider, the Domain name is put for an auction with a domain name industry auction service by the registrar. After that, theycancel the domain name and all the services associated with it. Before, general registration, the registry might hold the domain name.

Manual Renewal:
In the manual domain renewal, unlike automatic renewal, the renewal happens manually before the expiration of the domain name registration date. But, the domain provider may send a reminder of the expiration of the domain name and before canceling that.

It can be done simply by logging in to the domain account and renewing it anytime for any period that is decided, one, five or ten. But, ideally one should renew it for longer period.

After this, the question comes that whether one can go for domain renewal after the domain expires, which can be done in most of the cases. However, it mostly depends on the domain name's extension and its registry rules. If, the registry of the domain approves it, then the registrar of the domain holds it for further few days awaiting the renewal.

Most extensions like .COM, .ORG, and .NET offers a grace period for renewal of the domain name without an extra fee or penalty being charged. But, country code (ccTLD) domain name extensions do not come with a grace period so, one has to renew it before the expiry date.
In some cases, the domain registrar sends emails after the date of expiration to remind for the payments. Most of domain providers hold domain name for approximately 40-45 days before canceling it. One has to pay some extra charges with the normal renewal fee, if they renew the domain name during this time.

Additionally, it is not required to stick with a single registrar for all the years of your domain name. So, you are free to transfer it from one to another. But, the does not mean it is required to wait for the last day of expiration as this can run the domain name into problem. If, one is to start with a new registrar, then starting from paying the normal renewal fee and then going with the instructions provided by them is advised.

All in all, in order to run a smooth website with no external trouble, better is to do the domain renewal timely and preferably for a longer duration.
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