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A New Interpretation of “Arm Lizard”

Review of the new Collecta 1:40 scale model of Brachiosaurus by the dinaosaur experts at Everything Dinosaur. Read on to see how this dinosaur model matches up to the real thing.

Market Press Release – January 25, 2011 4:55 pm
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Brachiosaurus, the name means "Arm Lizard", as a result of its forelimbs being longer than its hind limbs, is one of the most well-known dinosaurs to the public. There are numerous dinosaur models available, all providing an impression of this huge, Late Jurassic Sauropod. Ironically, since Brachiosaurus was formerly named and described over 100 years ago, one might imagine that palaeontologists had already learnt all that could possibly be learned from this dinosaur's fossils. This is certainly not the case and the new Collecta 1:40 scale model of Brachiosaurus provides collectors and enthusiasts with an update on the latest theories regarding this enormous Sauropod.

Despite its popularity and its association with the Morrison Formation of the United States (holotype material discovered in this rock formation), Brachiosaurus fossils from America are extremely rare. It is one of the rarest of all the known Sauropods from the Late Jurassic of the United States. This may be for several reasons. Firstly, perhaps Brachiosaurs were not as common as other types of dinosaurs and with fewer of them alive at any one time, their chances of becoming fossilised would have been much less than more abundant dinosaur genera. Secondly, Brachiosaurus may have lived in drier environments away from river channels and therefore any bones of these animals would only have had a remote chance of being covered in sediment and preserved as fossils.

The best-known Brachiosaurus fossil is perhaps the fully mounted specimen that can be seen at the Humboldt Museum in Berlin, although recently debate has raged as to whether this is a Brachiosaurus at all. Some scientists have ascribed former Brachiosaurus fossils, including the Humboldt specimen to a new, lighter Brachiosaurid genus - Giraffatitan.

The Collecta Brachiosaurus Model
The Collecta 1:40 scale Brachiosaurus dinosaur model firmly nails its colours to mast, reaffirming the interpretation of this dinosaur as being a stocky, heavy-set creature. However, there is plenty of evidence in the model that a lot modern scientific information had been studied before the replica was produced. For example, the nostrils are extended to form a pair of brightly coloured parallel tubes that run along the top of the head. This bulbous device is a recent and very modern interpretation of Brachiosaur skull material. The model is heavy, about one kilogramme in weight, but it is posed with the tail off the ground, again a reflection on the use of the very latest scientific data to create this replica. The skin is highly textured and rough, almost pebble-like, making the model very tactile. The head is aligned almost vertically and the creature is looking back slightly, a very natural pose indeed. It seems that the head has been turned in this way, along with the tip of the tail, to ensure that the centre of gravity on this Collecta dinosaur model is firmly at the centre of the sculpt, thus aiding model stability.

The paintwork is excellent, details such as the toe claws, the eyes and the small, narrow teeth in the jaws have been picked out very well. The only concern is the scale, at 1:40 scale the model seems a little undersized when compared to the Scelidosaurus and Triceratops also in this Collecta scale model range. This slightly smaller Brachiosaurus model does have a major advantage when compared to other scale models of this dinosaur, it is lighter and therefore easier for small children to handle and play with.

A welcome addition to the Collecta scale model dinosaur range, a highly detailed replica of a Brachiosaurus which will delight young dinosaur fans and collectors alike.

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