3 Wall Art Paintings By Wooden Street To Embellish Your Lifeless Walls


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"As the sun colours flowers, so does art colour life."

- John Lubbock

Art is used as a way to escape the day-to-day busy routines of life. It takes us away from our constant stresses. Also, brings joy and fulfilment in the life of everyone. Wooden Street believes that art has a core role in experiencing and finding true happiness within our own lives.

To make your life more colourful this time Wooden Street has come up with the new and trending product category, i.e. Wall arts. You can use these art pieces from entryways to stairwells, and it is a quick way to liven up any space of your home.

Since, there are no limits on where and what to hang, and to land on a beautiful combination and placement of wall art decors can be tough. So, below I have rounded up some smart and easy tips for arranging art pieces of Wooden Street for different places. Take a look.

In the Entry: For everlasting Impression

The entryway of every home is responsible for the first impression so that you can hang the wall arts in a can't miss location. You can arrange different art works to make it more appealing and inviting. Also, keep a few inches gap between each one.

At Wooden Street, Crimson Fern Square Framed Wall Art dimensioned as 16L x 16H which is a perfect size for an entryway. The design of this wall art painting has the perfect blend of style and bright colours which can brighten the space.

In The Stairwell: Follow The Pattern

While decorating a staircase wall, keep in mind that your wall art should rise in relation to the incline of the stairs and hang at eye-level. Firstly, adjust the centre and hang one piece of art work along the stairs. After this, measure from the step to the bottom of the piece of art. Also, make sure that for equal hanging, all frames must have the same distance between the stairs below.

At Wooden Street, Scarlet Vibes Square Framed Wall art is set of 3 in a medium size that can be seen from distance as well as close-up. The print of this wall art painting is a quick and easy way to get a cohesive look.

In The Living Room: Companion of TV ( Focal point)

If your televisions sits alone on a large empty wall, then we can fill that space with by placing arts on wall. In this way, you can make that wall more attractive and focal point of your living area.

You can hang the different wall art decor of various sizes around TV, and keep gap of a few inches between each one. Abstract Waves Framed Wall art at Wooden Street is perfect to breathe life on empty wall of living room. The print of this art piece can add texture and lively effect to any room.

A perfect wall art decor can easily add oodles of style to any room of your home with an exciting range of Wooden Street designer art pieces. This store promise to deliver the best quality products at the best prices.
For more information, visit: https://www.woodenstreet.com/wall-arts

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