2018 Could Introduce Major Changes in PR via Changing Leadership Models & New Content Marketing Trend


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Carol Trehearn


As the year 2017 is nearing its end, experts in the industry have already begun to make calculated speculations regarding changes that we will likely see in public relations next year. The changing of leadership models, alongside the evolving nature of content marketing will have the most profound impact on business PR in 2018. Taking a closer look at the concepts as explained by industry leaders sheds new light on the exact nature of the changes in question.

Distribution of Thought Leadership
Thought leadership and brand building has so far been mostly dependent on top level executives in a business (CEOs and CMOs), but organizations are now starting to look for brand leaders from other tiers of the corporate structure as well. This approach could minimize the impact of a key person leaving an organization because the distributed branding leadership model would make sure that the company has other key people to rely on in such scenarios. Also, the more leaders are involved in the personal branding model, the stronger every PR campaign will be, as it will reach a much wider range of audience. This will inevitably create significant career growth opportunities for young professionals with a Public Relations Masters as a rush for appointing new brand leaders in the PR sector is imminent in the future.

Creating an Engaged Follower Base Will Become More Important
Largely due to digital noise and saturation, it is estimated that users will soon start to choose and stick to a few specific sources for their digital content on the internet, but itís a gradual process which wonít all happen at once. The year 2018 and the next few years will be a PR and marketing battle for winning over subscribers/users/readers/customers on the digital plane, as people begin to settle with their own choice of content sources for years to come. The businesses that come out on top at the end will likely remain there for the foreseeable future.

PR and Business will Work in Closer Proximity
Professionals with an online Public Relations degree has so far held important roles in marketing, communications, recruitment and other similar areas of the company, but in the future, their roles will expand. Content marketing and Public Relations for example, is expected to work in close proximity to each other, so that both parties can work together towards building a better branding campaign for the company as a whole. The idea is to open lines of communication between related segments of the company for better productivity. It is about maximizing resources.

The year 2018 is naturally expected to continue what has already started, but the coming year is more important in terms of forming the future of PR, media and marketing. The complete change will culminate itself mostly after a quite a few more years, but for businesses, every year from here on in is going to be of utmost importance in building a place for themselves in that new digital future.


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