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Contact Information
True Sicilian BlackBee
Via Boccioni
Palermo - 90146
Truesicilian Blackbee is a small family-run project born after the love for the unique Sicilian black bee (apis mellifera sicula) and its honey.
Hoping to bring more admirers to this particular endemic bee and its fantastic honey, and ultimately, bring more awareness to the vital importance of all bees and their varieties, for natural ecosystems and all of nature in general, in order to ensure life for us, our planet and our future generations.

We started to produce honey for our family and friends a few years ago..
Family and friends have often gifted, offered and left to taste honey to other people and soon we had many compliments and appreciations for our honey, coming from people never met before.
Soon people started to ask where to find and how obtain this honey for them. This ignites the idea of producing our honey for a wider elite audience, and sharing this amazing product to other lucky honey lovers around the globe.

However, we are still very small and keen to remain like this, we cannot and certainly don't want to compete with market giants or industrialized productions. We think a good product comes from passion, dedication and little production. Our Honey is always produce in favour of quality, never for the quantity. We put lots of passion in what we do and take great pride for our final product, which is strictly Limited Edition and only available directly from us through seasonal crowdfunding campaigns.

We are lucky enough to be in one of the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean, with wonderful climate conditions and large biodiversity. We carefully choose the places, always trying to find a perfect spot inside national parks or untouched country places around Sicily. Always looking to improve our varieties, specializing in the production of mono floral and single blossom honey, extracting basically, very different honey varieties, often with different and distinctive flavours, with specific and unique properties depending on their floral origin.

Sicilian black bees are smaller and darker than common honeybees, and very renowned for being really docile and easy to handle, they definitely produce less honey compared with common honeybees, but their honey it keeps the same levels of vitamins in smaller quantities, making their honey one of the richest ever.

These little fellas were almost disappeared from Sicily and therefore from the entire earth, until Mr. Amodeo, a famous beekeeper from Palermo, start to take interest and create awareness for this amazing ancient bee strain. Thanks to his incredible job and dedication, the Sicilian Black Bee, has been slowly recovered from extinction and reintroduced among Sicilian beekeepers, with several of them certified as Slow Food Presidium.

Today the Sicilian Black Bee is much more known, capturing more and more interests and attention, and its honey particularly admired and appreciated.

We want to keep our artisanal and natural way to source honey, with ancient and very respectful methods, without additives or external interventions, making only nature our main ingredient. Our final product is therefore entirely natural, cold-extracted and never pasteurised, in order to keep intact all its properties and characteristics.

Our honey varieties include Orange blossom, Lemon blossom, Eucalyptus, Sulla flower, Chestnut, Thyme, wild Thistle, Sicilian various flowers and other unique flavours.

From this exceptional Black Bee Raw Honey, with the only adding of selected Sicilian Citrus Fruits, born an amazing Honey Jam, Extremely healthy and incredibly tasty.
Three different and unique fruits, representing the excellence of Sicilian Agriculture, and the well know raw honey from the Sicilian Bee, will be artisanally made into the perfect jam, fresh, healthy and incredibly tasty.

Three varieties available:
Oranges, Clementines and Lemons..
Three different jams with specific properties, three very different flavors, but all absolutely delicious.

We have just start a crowdfunding campaign to raise interest and attention on this new jam. If we reach our goal we'll be able to carry on with this project and possibly make it real, with a regular production of this unique jam.
Campaign on Kickstarter: True Sicilian BlackBee Honey Jam.

We are looking for backers and partners for our jam project, in exchange of your support you will receive our unique Honey Jam. Please visit our campaign on Kickstarter.com
We are keen to respond commercial proposals, and we are also open to discuss different business cooperations.

For more info or request please contact truesicilian@siciliandeli.com
or visit www.truesicilian.webs.com
For more information, visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bottegaesotica/100-organic-homemade-jam-true-sicilian-blackbee-ho?ref=b9j8ne

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